Understanding Property Fund Managers mission...

We specialise in insuring our clients have a professional insight into the available strategies to not only preserve capital and generate wealth. We help ordinary investors, high net worth individuals, and SMEs achieve their investment objectives by offering them unprecedented access.

However we dont just stop there!...

We offer access to powerful investment mechanisms

The low barriers to investing in the global markets now gives everyone a chance to see a possible return on investment; however in reality, whether you're investing in CFDs, the FX spot market, Futures, Bonds or Equities it takes years of training, skill, discipline, and experience to become adroit in all principles of risk management while remaining consistently profitable. Unfortunately, many people learn the pitfalls of the market the hard way with a lack of financial education and market access.

However, there is a solution, Property Fund Managers provide you with solid risk management, long term focus ultimately the peace of mind that you're in good hands.

Our investment mission is simple

Our Objectives

As money managers, with professional investors by our side, we seek to provide consistent returns for our clients. We aim to provide a discretionary managed portfolio service depending on our clients level of acceptable risk to preserve capital and generate long term wealth...find out more

Our Strategy

We base our success on solid capital preservation, robust risk management, and strong returns by taking precise shots into the market at the right time. We use a combination of strategies, to exploit markets inline with our customers goals and prefered risk level. find out more

  • - Dedicated account Support | You will have a dedicated account manager available during market hours to answer questions and queries, 24/7. i
  • - Qualified Money Managers | Experienced professionals will ensure your account is managed according to your desired returns and appetite for risk.i
  • - Segregated Accounts | Your equity is safe and secure in client segregated accounts and you will always have full access to your funds anytimei
  • - Financial Plans | We plan a road map to help you reach your goals, to secure your financial security and freedom.i
  • - Transparency | See your account's complete investment activity and returns on any device from anywhere at anytime 24/7.i
  • - Fully Regulated | Our providers are fully regulated in the UK. i
  • - E - learning | Start learning from approved Property Fund Managers professionals. i

"Property Fund Managers aids our international division to retain a balanced portfolio and achieve consistent returns"

David Hemingway - Director
United Kingdom, London

"...having a percentage of these funds in a professional managed account simply makes sense!.. i have had consistent returns."

Elina Wilshaw - Professional Investor
United Kingdom, Sussex

"Thanks to Property Fund Managers being a full time mother has not limited my ability to generate a passive long-term income with my savings."

Christina Arlington - Mother
United Kingdom, Nottignham

"...managing your assets today ...to insure your future tomorrow! "

...invest with experienced industry professionals, dedicated to your financial success!

We are Dedicated to Making Your Money Work for You!

Property Fund Managers provides our clients with an opportunity to access professional investment strategies, which invest in the world’s markets with the goal of seeing consitent long term returns and steady growth .

We invest client funds with an elite team of experienced managers, all of whom have a track record from institutional investments banks

We're so confident in our ability to deliver consistent and above market returns that we only charge performance fee on profits generated (this is known as a "high watermark fee").

Want to find out more about our strategies? ...contact us today on  +44 (0)203 771 7475

Property Fund Managers


Property Fund Managers are partnered with only the best institutions regulated by the United Kingdoms Financial Conduct Authority

Segregated Client Funds

All client funds are held in top-tier banks accounts segregated from the firm’s own funds, with daily fund reconciliation Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

We're real people

We have staff located in London UK, who are available on the phone, email or live chat 24hrs per day. We support all English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic speaking clients.

Complete Transparency

The performance of all our wealth and asset managers are tracked and monitored in real-time via 3rd party auditing processes.

get your



Manage your assets at all times with the Property Fund Managers Mobile APP and gain the ability to not only see how your money is being invested in real-time but learn from the best at how and why investments should be made to insure consistent long-term results.

Gain unprecedented access into our full time team of money managers who, with over 400 years’ experience, have made it their lifes goal to mitigate risk and strategically invest clients funds especially after the sale of a property… to insure their financial future! Read More